Third Eye Looming
Beyond The Cuckoo's Nest
Dead Ahead
The Golden Thug
In The Room
The Mothers' Saint
The Other Side Of The Closet
Bang! Boy Bang!
A Secret Life
Whatever Makes You Happy
Seeds (An Apocalyptic Comedy)
Creatures Like Us
God and the Big Blue Chair
White Trash Blue Eyes

The Martha Stewart Project
High Heels & Bananas
MTL 2000
Leo’s Town
Third Eye Looming
The Day Before Yesterday
To Myself At 28
Breathe For Me
His Greatness
Lost Voices
A Singularity Of Being
Shakespeare Experiment: Winter’s Tale
Shakespeare Experiment: As You Like It
As You Like It
The Balcony
Lulie The Iceberg
Henry And Pierre
The Mourning
William and James
Live With It
Filler Up
The Orphan Muses
Merit Gets Wired
Strange Little Monsters
Nothing From Nothing
Fruit Machine
Tales of the Parkside
Ann Marie’s Bedroom
Chuck and Elsa (workshop)

Long Way to Paradise
The End of Love
The Urge (workshop)
An Unknown Woman
Drag Queens in Outer Space
The Saints and the Apostles
Enemas in Toyland
The Whore’s Revenge
Possible Scenarios
Yes I Am (And Who Are You?)
Lola Starr
Safe Sex Cabaret
His Special Friend
Theatre Omaha
Late Night Queen
The Right One
Peter Pan
Major Barbara
Total Eclipse
Dream in Colour
His Greatness
The Life and Times Of Mackenzie King
Ed as Liberace
Whore's Revenge
History of the World
Alberta Aboriginal Theatre Projects, Rhu-boo-boo Festival
National Theatre School, Montreal
The Hub, Toronto
Function Keys Conference Of New Technology and Digital Culture, Hamilton