Devised and Directed by: Ed Roy
Synopsis: Third Eye Looming is multi-disciplinary movement/theatre piece devised and directed by Ed Roy in collaboration with the Workman Arts members. Combining imagistic theatre, movement, dance, singing, text, and multi-media Third Eye Looming delves into the mind of a man struggling to piece together the shards of his fragmented life after the onset of mental illness. The story begins on a bare rehearsal hall stage and takes the audience on a expressionistic journey through mind and events that our protagonist has experienced; from the mundane to the sublime a theatrical journey that transverses one man’s personal vision of heaven and hell and his return to reality. Developed collectively with the members of Workman Arts Third Eye Looming is ultimately a composite of all of the collective members shared experiences with mental illness distilled into the story of one individual. This distillation reveals the universality of every person dealing with a mental illness and their desire and struggle to reclaim their lives. Challenging, dark, and humors Third Eye Looming explores the precarious nature of the human psyche and the courage of the individuals who strives to reclaim their lives from the debilitating effects of mental illness.
Collaboration: Ed Roy in collaboration with members of the Workman Arts (Queen Street Center for Addiction and Mental Illness)
First Presented by: 2011 International Tour Haarlem Amsterdam, presented by International Madness in The Arts Festival