Writer & Director:  Ed Roy
Originally Produced By:
  Theatre Direct Canada/Youtheatre Montreal/Manitoba Theatre for TYA/New Conservatory Theatre of San Francisco
Recognition & Awards:  Dora Nomination: Outstanding Production 1999
Tours:  Canadian Tour (French/English), UK National Tour (United Kingdom), Paris Showcase, U.S.A. Tour (current)
What The Critics Say:  “Bang! Boy Bang! is a triumph. Roy, the current playwright-in-residence at Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre, has managed to crawl into the skin of a 90’s adolescent and craft his words to ring true. Teens are ruthless critics and tend to laugh at incongruous, uncool or clumsy rehashings of their world. Not a misplaced laugh was heard during the play’s debut. Quite a statement.” (Greenaway, Kathryn. “No preachiness in play about teen date rape.” The Gazette 14 March 1996)
Synopsis:  We have all woken up with a hangover and found ourselves trying to piece together the crazy events from the night before, only to discover that we may have done something morally reprehensible. Bang! Boy, Bang! chronicles the sexual awakening of 14 year old Rod Clark, who receives a disturbing phone call from a girl proclaiming: “I know what you did last night and you’re not gonna get away with it.” We meet Rod’s hapless mother, his abusive and philandering father, his hypersexual brother, and most importantly, the media itself becomes a character through phone sex lines, sex ads on television, etc.

Script Available

BANG! BOY BANG! Storyboard (large file)