Writer & Director: Ed Roy
Originally Produced By: Topological Theatre Public Workshop 2002, Topological Theatre Production 2004,
Topological Theatre Co-production with Buddies In Bad Times Theatre 2006
What The Critics Say: “Genet’s thoughts on love and sex, as written by Roy, are still relevant, and the play’s dissection of societal power takes on a disturbing theatricality” Glenn Sumi (NOW)
Synopsis: The Golden Thug takes place in April 1986 at Jack’s Hotel, a seedy one star hotel in the heart of Paris. An ailing old man checks into one of the rooms and his arrival precipitates a revolution in the quiet establishment because unbeknownst to the concierge, her husband, and their adopted son their newest occupant is none other than the world famous literary genius and political activist, Jean Genet. As the fatally ill Genet battles with cancer and the side effects of his medication in a race against time and mortality, he also pours the last of his life force into the completion of the proofs for his final novel, Prisoner of Love. When Genet’s only copy of the completed draft is stolen it sets him on an investigative journey to solve the mystery of his missing manuscript and the artifice of his own mythologized past.