Writer & Director:  Ed Roy
Originally Produced By:  Young Peoples’ Theatre/ Youtheatre MTL/ Lorrain Kenisma Theatre/ Manitoba Theatre 1999; SourceWorks Theatre New York City/ The New Conservatory Theatre (San Francisco) 2002
Awards & Recognition:  Dora Award Outstanding Production, Chalmers Award Nomination 1998

Testimonial Emails

Dear theater,
Hey. just wanted to share with you all my opinions of the production you put on for my school on 10-12. First of all, some praise is due here because the theme of your play is a contraversial and difficult one alltogether to present to any audience. It was well done and the actors were really good. But I'm not sure it did any good as far as changing anyone's beliefs, as wrong as they may be, but perhaps it helped to shed some light on the subject of being a homosexual that most people arent aware of. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks.
Hello,my name is _______ I go to Hayward High and i have seen your Play yesterday. And iI think yo all did a good job and I think you should keep going with your work. I heard about some problems that homo and bisexual people had in our society but I hope that can change soon maybe with your help. I don't have a problem with gay people and I think nobody should discriminate somebody about his sexual orientation. BYE!!!!!!
To whom this may concern,
My name is _______. I am emailing you in order to tell you what I think about the skit you performed at Hayward High. It was about Gays and Lesbians.
I believe the scenes that were portrayed in the play are real. It shows that some people may not realize that they are having feelings for people who are of the same sex. Others may become scared about it. They may be scared to be looked at as being gay. Others may not care what people thing so they accept that fact and move on with their life.
In the skit I saw that after Carl admitted that he was gay the friendship between Carl, Rick, Paulette, Tera and Justin started breaking apart. Justin and Rick started making fun of him and tried to avoid him or beat him up. Paulette would always try to defend Carl. Even though she was not gay she wanted to encourage Carl and tell him that it was all right to be gay.
The skit is showing what real life situation is like for a person who is gay. They may not be readily accepted in society, but they are human beings. There are several instances where people were mistreated because of their sexual orientation, but they are becoming more accepted now.
I believe some of us become scared when and if we find out that some of our friends are gays. It even scares me too. I don't know if any of my friends are gays because none have told this to me and I don't believe a person has to tell if they are gay or lesbian. I don't go around telling people telling people my sexual orientation. I believe it is a private and personal matter.
my assignment in class is to write to you to tell you what i thought of your play but even though i am basically forced to do it by my teacher it does not feel so much like an obligation like many of the other things teachers try to make us students do. the reason it is not so much of an assignment to me is that i feel the play educates and shows the truth that some people choose not to see this type of hate happens under our nose every day and we turn our heads as if not to notice it.there are a lot of close minded people in society today who feel that if you are in any way out of their perception of "normal" you should be ridiculed and not treated with the respect you may show others.i see you all who were in this play as a type of person to look up to you don't care all the time what others may say and for that you are all in my mind very deserving of respect it is those who make fun of you who aren't "normal" because they cant see that every person is different and unique even though it may not be in a way they like. they have no room to judge.i am sort of running out of time so i have to go i thank you for enlightening all the people you have keep it going there are still a lot of places to be reached.
To whom this may concern:
My name is _______ and i thought your play was great. It was realy funny and the acting showed much talent. The way you portrayed gays was so real, and sad. I hope it changed the views of some of the people in the audience, though some narrow minded people couldn't be reached (the guy in the red shirt that just got up and left). I dont think he will be respected much for that.