Writer & Director:  Ed Roy
Originally Produced By:
  Theatre Direct Canada, 1993, 1994
Recognition and Awards: Chalmers Playwriting Award 1994, Dora Nominations: Outstanding New Play/Production 1994, Dora Nominations: Outstanding Direction, New Play, Outstanding Production 1993
Tours:  Cornelis Arts Centre, North York / Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, Ontario
What The Critics Say:  “The approach, punctuated by concise monologues and confrontational scenes, is never less than engrossing. And the actors flesh the drama out with performances that are consistently credible. Along the way, Roy affirms the value of self-respect and the importance of staying in school. He does this without coming across as preachy and superior and without grasping for a pat, falsely optimistic ending. This is, after all, a play about making choices. It is also an important, well-crafted and potentially influential piece of theatre.” (Wagner, Vit. “High school confidential hits home.” Toronto Star 14 April 1993)
“Director and cast do pry open secrets of growing up. The message is developed without moralizing, and all possibilities can be entertained in what is a stylish, useful contribution to the bid to deal with life’s knotty problems.” (Chapman, Geoff. “Growing-up drama engaging audience.” Toronto Star 28 September 1994)
Synopsis:  Doug McGrath, the new kid at school living below the poverty line, fabricates an elaborate fantasy about a middle class lifestyle in order to gain acceptance into his new middle class peer group. However, when we are introduced to his home life and his mother Elizabeth, we discover she is an illiterate pill-popping racist and we see that they are living in dire poverty. The central question the play asks is: What are the consequences of living a lie?

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